放牛郎的初心 贫困户的福音



Huang Tingfang looked at the growth of beef cattle. (覃捷 photo)

Entering the gate of the Dalang beef cattle breeding base in Nawang Village, Nalou Town, Suining District, the fragrance of the pastures rushed to the ground, looking at the high and low slopes, the high grass for one person swayed in the wind, several cattle The shed is built on the top of the slope. "The two calves were born in the early hours of the morning. We are busy until 4 in the morning to rest." Huang Tingfang said while looking at the situation of the Mavericks. He is the head of the base, a modern "launch cow" who sticks to the dream of entrepreneurship and leads the folks to get rich.

Don't forget the initial heart, return to the hometown to promote development

Dalang beef cattle breeding base is the largest beef cattle breeding farm in Suining District, covering an area of more than 230 mu. The cowshed covers an area of over 6,500 square meters. There are more than 560 beef cattle in the stock.

The 45-year-old Huang Tingfang is a native of the town of Naolou, and is a rare university student in the village. When I was studying, my family was very poor. Huang Tingfang was determined to learn something and change the appearance of his hometown. In 1995, Huang Tingfang graduated from university and had a stable job. At this time, his younger brother was admitted to the university, and his family was heavily burdened. In order to study for his younger brother, in 1996, Huang Tingfang resigned and went to the sea to do business. With hard work and hard work, his business in Dongguan Hardware Factory was very good and he had a certain savings.

In 2013, Huang Tingfang, who returned to his hometown, found that after so many years, the backward production methods in the village have not changed, and the villagers still live a life of poverty. He wondered: What can I do for my hometown?

After many investigations, Huang Tingfang took out more than 7 million yuan of savings and built a Dalang beef cattle breeding base in his hometown. In 2015, he led the establishment of the Dalang Agricultural and Pastoral Development Professional Cooperative and served as the chairman of the board.

Revitalizing the industry

Increase in the income of forage farmers

The Dalang beef cattle breeding base requires seven or eight tons of pasture per day, which is also a good opportunity for the development of pastures in surrounding villages.

xxBut the promotion of pasture cultivation is not always smooth. A few years ago, some merchants mobilized villagers to plant peppers, but they did not come to buy them. As a result, thousands of tons of peppers were unsalable at the time, and the villagers were wary.

Huang Tingfang started from the poverty-stricken households with the establishment of the card, gave free forage seeds, and signed an acquisition agreement with the poor households. Only 10 households were willing to try. After 4 months, the grass harvest was good, and the base was purchased at a price of 350 yuan/ton. The income from planting grass was three times that of traditional crops, which greatly stimulated the farmers' enthusiasm for planting. In 2017, 60 households in the surrounding villages planted pasture. In 2018, the number of farmers planting pastures has grown to more than 160 households, of which nearly 40 are poverty-stricken households. In the whole year, the villagers increased their income by more than 700,000 yuan, and the average households in poverty increased by more than 8,000 yuan. Today, more than 80% of the fodder in the base is supplied on site.

Not only will the growth of pastures increase, but the villagers will also “turn waste into treasure”. “Before corn and peanuts were harvested, corn stalks and peanut vines were burned as scrap. Now, these things can be sold to the base. The corn stalks are 350 yuan/ton, and the peanut vines can be sold at 450 yuan/ton.” Villager Huang Dayi said .

Hearts and people

Helping the poor and giving back to the villagers

The poor household Zhong Qianren has a difficult family economy, his wife is a disabled person, and he needs to take medicine for a long time and cannot work. The two children go to junior high school and need money both inside and outside. Huang Tingfang extended a helping hand and collected the original 350 yuan/ton of forage at a price of 450 yuan/ton, and invited him to work at the base. Since then, Zhong Qianren had a fixed income. There are 5 poverty-stricken households working in the Dalang beef cattle breeding base like Zhong Qianren, and each person has an average income of more than 2,000 yuan per month.



一般而言,小额信贷股息的比例为8%。为了使贫困家庭获得更多收入,大朗农牧业发展专业合作社吸收了贫困家庭的小额信贷,贫困家庭每年的红利为10%。 “我希望贫困家庭有更多的收入,这也会刺激我自己的行业发展。如果我尽力发展这个行业,我只能让这个行业变得更好。”黄廷芳说。目前,合作社已为贫困家庭吸收了139万元小额信贷,共计30户,平均每户每户4630元。不仅如此,王村村和纳头村的村级集体经济也参加了合作社,每个村每年的村集体经济收入为1万元。




各级党委和政府大力支持扶贫工业。在基地建设的初期,遂宁区政府协助他协调土地使用相关事宜; 2015年,纳鲁镇政府积极协调该项目,帮助基地建设给排水系统;纳旺村委会通过了“一案一讨论”。帮助基地铺设工业化道路。黄廷芳对此表示感谢。他每年都会捐出一些资金来帮助特别贫困的家庭和学生,并定期为贫困家庭举办论坛,与贫困家庭讨论工业发展问题。